It's our birthday!! As part of the festivities, I am answering 15 questions to celebrate 15 years of making jewelry! 

Question 2: Who is Zero?

Also known as "Which one of you is Zero?" - the most commonly asked question in our craft show tent. How many times did I have to fake a smile when asked that question? The world will never know.

Zero is my dog. Well he was my dog. He died a few years ago. He was a Jack Russel who was living life 110% until one day his age caught up with him overnight. I hear that's how Jack Russels are. 


He was a personality and a half. Totally neurotic and way too smart - he failed out of obedience training because he was too stubborn. He was sweet but a HANDFUL. I appreciated his big personality but sometimes I just wanted him to slow down and relax! 


 He was such a nut!