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Tips for Untangling Jewelry Chains

Tips for Untangling Jewelry Chains
There are few things more irritating than a tangled necklace chain. I'm a pro and it still often makes my head explode! Here are some tips to make the task easier, as well as some ways to avoid it! 

Tip 1: Apply a small amount of baby oil or coconut oil on a cotton swab to the knot. This will make the chain slippery. If the knot doesn't come out with a slight tug, massage the oil into the chain a little more and try again. 

Tip 2: Use a wooden skewer or straight pin and slip it through the middle of the tangle to loosen it and make it easier to untangle. 

Tip 3: Sprinkle baby powder onto the necklace and work through the knots with a safety pin. The powder reduces friction, making the chain easier to pull through and untangle. When you're done, just wipe the chain down with a paper towel and follow up with our Freshie & Zero polishing cloth.

 "How do I avoid tangles?"

Keeping your jewelry untangled is all about storage! From a key holder in your closet to organizers made for jewelry and even traveling with the chains fed through straws, there are a ton of options to keep your chains untangled! 

"I tried to untangle my F&Z necklace and it broke :( What do I do?"

We can help you there too! If you have a broken Freshie & Zero necklace, you can fill out the Repair Form, send it to our studio, and we will send it back to you! Contact us to get started!

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