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How to Make Mask-Wearing More Enjoyable

How to Make Mask-Wearing More Enjoyable

How to Make Mask-Wearing More Enjoyable

The biggest stamp of COVID has been the introduction of masks in everyday life. While some tend to make a stink out of having to wear them, we at Freshie & Zero have found ways to make them far more enjoyable! 

1. Get a mask that makes you feel cute! 

From cute, soft tie-dye to stylish bandanas, a cute mask is a quick and easy way to instantly make the mask-wearing feel less hospital-like!


2. Make your mask smell good! 

Here at F&Z HQ, we've been using great smells to help boost our moods as they relate to the mask wearing. Freshie sprays some of her favorite Skin Tonic into her mask for a refreshing boost throughout the day. Carrie rolls her essential oil roller balls onto the inside of her mask and breathes in that goodness. 

3. Stay stylish with dainty earrings! 

I've seen a lot of people complain about their ears "having to hold too much" with the addition of the mask. Well, with a dainty earring, your outfit can still be complete and your ears won't feel the extra weight! Some of our favorites are the Tiny Zero Earrings, Dream Earrings, Small Sea Drop Earrings, and Seedling Sky Earrings!



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