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Birthstone rings move over! There's a new ( sentimental ) piece of jewelry in town.

Birthstone rings move over! There's a new ( sentimental ) piece of jewelry in town.

You know those birthstone gifts that moms used to covet? The ones that were piled high with birthstones representing all of her kids? Yes, you know. Those gemstone laden accessories are quite outdated and moms aren't wearing them anymore, but seriously can anyone blame them? 

If you're reading this chances are you've got a mom, and she loves you dearly. We know she'd love any gift you give her, but don't give her tired birthstone pendants that she will only wear out of politeness - give her a sentimental piece of jewelry she will actually want to wear! 

The new sentimental jewelry for moms 

Moms aren't wearing the decked out gemstones anymore, but they still love sentimental pieces and long to carry a piece of their family around with them. 

So what are they wearing now? Modern moms are wearing bracelets that signify milestones and they're wearing more minimal necklaces representing the children in their family. 

It's really no surprise that moms are opting for minimalist jewelry as more casual dress code becomes the norm. They're opting for more comfy shoes ( I'm SO happy that stylish sneakers are all the rage ), stretchy pants ( exactly why a certain company known for leggings has skyrocketed in popularity )  and more laid back hair styles ( hello top knots + messy buns all over Instagram ).

This cultural style shift resonates with me - since becoming a mom 7 years ago, I've slowly gone from an Anthropologie gal to more of an Athleta gal not because I'm suddenly a yogi but more because stretchy clothes feel amazing you guys.

links of love necklace mother of multiples


So what do these minimalistic + sentimental pieces look like? 

They're simple and feature delicate rings that represent all of her children. Our Love necklace has one ring for the mama, and up to five silver rings to represent each child. Our original Love necklace is all about becoming a mom for the first time and features one gold ring and one smaller silver ring.

We know some moms want to have a little ring to represent each child, which is why we now offer it with up to five rings. Our signature Love necklaces make a great gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, or just because mom is awesome.  



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