How To Use Jewelry Dishes

If you're part of our Freshie & Zero email list, you have already gotten a sneak peek of our BRAND NEW jewelry dishes! If not, let me introduce you to our Freshie & Zero exclusive keepsake trinket dishes. 

These dishes make a great gift (especially when paired with one of our sentimental necklaces!) and are available in 3 different sizes and finishes. 

We partnered with Christina Cohn Ceramics for this collaboration! Christina is an amazing ceramic artist who hand crafted each one these dishes. Get to know Christina more here

5 Clever ways to use your keepsake trinket dishes

 How To Use Jewelry Dish

shown : Crush jewelry dish 

1. Jewelry - we'll start here since this may be a given, and is the intended use of these dishes. With 3 varying sizes you can store just one necklace, or all of your cherished pieces. You decide! 

How To Use Jewelry Dish

shown : Flutter jewelry dish

2. Keys - have you even spent hours looking for your keys, swearing your had placed them on the table when you walked in the door? Place your keys in our Flutter tray to ensure they never get lost! 

How To Use Jewelry Dish

3. Candies - okay, this might be a little old school, but our ceramic dishes make excellent candy dishes too!

How To Use Jewelry Dish

4. Night stand catchall - does your night stand ever get overcrowded with hair ties, hand cream and other miscellaneous items? Place one of our trinket dishes on your night stand to hold your nighttime essentials! 

How To Use Jewelry Dish

shown : Love jewelry dish 

5. Stationery Essentials - We've huge fans of pretty stamps and stickers around here, but we can never find them fast enough! A pretty trinket dish on your desk to hold all of those pretties is such a clever way to use one of our trinket dishes in a unique way!