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Zodiac Bar Soap by Paper Plane


Crafted with natural and vegan ingredients, these horoscope soaps channel the perfect unique scent to suit every star sign. 

Each bar is made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, with no unnecessary additives. The soaps are cold-pressed and hand-cut, before being wrapped in paper and sealed with a biodegradable plant-based sticker.

Individual scents & attributes:
Aquarius: ylang ylang to provide aromatherapeutic and calming properties to free-spirited Aquarius
contains real cinnamon to match the bold and fiery Aries energy
Cancer:  comforting rose geranium scent perfect for home-loving Cancer
Capricorn: Rosemary for hard working, conscientious Capricorn
Gemini: Lime & Rosemary twin together for lovable Gemini
Leo: Bold & Punchy citrus for big-hearted Leo
Libra: Peppermint & Poppy Seed gives Libra perfect balance
Pisces: Cleansing tea tree for gentle soul Pisces
Sagittarius: Zesty, zingy lemongrass for playful Sagittarius
Scorpio: Heady, indulgent patchouli for fiery, feisty Scorpio
Taurus: Sturdy cedarwood for loyal, dependable Taurus
Virgo: Calming lavender to help perfectionist Virgo unwind

  • Solid individually
  • Handmade in United Kingdom
  • Packaging: Biodegradable, Compostable, Plastic-free, and Recyclable
  • Product Materials: Plastic-free and Vegan 
  • Production: Cruelty-free, Ethically sourced, and Sustainably sourced

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