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love necklace - mother of four


Now customized for the mom of four! The smaller silver circle is customized on this piece with three stacked circles, each slightly thinner than the original style.

This necklace is one of my most popular styles and one of my personal favorites. Its delicate design holds just enough sentimental value with its subtle representation of the transition into motherhood. I designed it when I was pregnant with my first child almost 12 years ago! There's nothing like becoming a mother for the first time - your life (and sleep) is forever changed!

Necklace Details

  • A gold filled circle (7/8") and four stacked sterling silver circles (just under 1/2") are linked together with wire wrapping.
  • Added to a sterling or gold filled rolo chain. Total chain length can be either 16", 18", or 20".
  • Each necklace comes with the small meaning card shown.