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Anterique Ballpoint Pens


Ultra-low viscosity ball pen - these write like butter!

Ballpoint pens in the past used "sticky" ink, but Anterique's oil-based ballpoint pens use "ultra-low-viscosity ink" (Mach ball ink).

Ultra-low-viscosity is ink that is "smooth" and easy-flowing like salad oil. When using "smooth" ink, an ordinary pen tip will have ink leakage, so it must be combined with an ultra-precisely processed pen tip. Anterique ballpoint pens use a pen tip with a built-in spring to precisely control the flow of ink for a very crisp, non-smudging, ultra-fine .5mm line. This is the secret to smooth writing!

  • Made in Japan
  • Sold Individually
  • extra fine 0.5mm
  • Pen is 5.5" long with a plastic casing
  • Refills available

Customer Reviews

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Birdman K.R. (Pennsylvania)
All that and more

These pens were everything I was looking for. The low viscosity ink is the real deal. Perfect ratio of smoothness and scratchiness while writing for me. They have quickly become my favorite pen. The color scheme on this collection is beautiful and the price is right too.