Holiday party season is one of the best seasons! We're loving several holiday attire trends, (you can catch some of them on our Pinterest boards) but one trend that we're not yet tired of is the off the shoulder look. So why not take this trend all the way into the holiday festivities. Right?!? 

One question we get asked often is, "What kind of necklace should I wear with an off the shoulder top?". Today, we're answering that question! 

Freshie & Zero Necklaces to wear with off the shoulder tops.

Finding a necklace for an off the shoulder top can be tricky, but here are 3 tips for creating the perfect look. 

1. Pick the right length : With an off the shoulder top the perfect length is imperative! You'll want to pick a length that falls above the neckline. 

2. Pick a pendant : Select a necklace with a statement pendant, but keep it delicate. An off the shoulder top or dress warrants something dainty and feminine. 

3. Pick your metal finish : Pick a metal finish that will compliment the color and texture of your off the shoulder top. 

Freshie & Zero off the shoulder top

shown above : Balance necklace 16"


Freshie & Zero necklaces to wear with off the shoulder top

shown above : Explore 16"