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Summer Jewelry Care Tips

Summer Jewelry Care Tips
 With the temperatures rising and the urge to be out in the gorgeous sunshine in full effect, it’s important to keep in mind that sun, sweat, exercise and traveling can take a toll on your jewelry.  This summer, beat the effects of the heat by checking out these simple Jewelry Care Tips from Freshie & Zero to ensure that your pieces stay sparkling all summer long!


Q: When should I avoid wearing my jewelry in the summer?

A: It’s important to avoid wearing jewelry in any sticky or sweaty situation with excessive moisture. Sorry Southern gals but if you're going to spend a lot of time outside in the humid days of summer (at a festival, outdoor concert, the beach, etc.) it's probably better to leave your Freshie & Zero necklace at home. BUT you can wear your Freshie & Zero earrings on a hot summer day instead!

Q: Should I exercise in my jewelry?

A: It is not recommended to exercise in your handmade jewelry, as it can cause unnecessary stress on the piece, and the salt from sweating does not react well with the metals. 

Q: Can I swim in my jewelry?

  I definitely do not recommend wearing jewelry in a treated swimming environment (unlike a natural environment like a lake or ocean). I learned this by mistake - I was wearing a silver necklace and got in a hot tub and it's never been the same since. Any sort of pool or hot tub has chemicals that the jewelry does not like, so play it safe and take them off before swimming. 


Q: What products should my jewelry avoid contact with?

In the summer, sunscreen is the big one to avoid when safeguarding your jewelry. Although the chemicals in Sunscreen protect your skin from serious harm, the same cannot be said about its effect on your jewelry. You should also avoid hairspray, lotion, and perfume as they have a damaging effect.
Q: Whoops! I got hairspray on my jewelry! How should I clean it?

If your pieces get "dirty" with sweat, sunscreen, hairspray, etc - make sure to wash your jewelry as soon as you can with mild soap and water (and rinse and dry well) to get the offending elements off of your jewelry.


Q: How should I store my jewelry?
A: Always store your pieces out of the open air (even though branch jewelry holders are super adorable) - instead store them in an airtight container or bag. Vacation tip: when traveling, don’t forget to bring your jewelry storage essentials so you have a safe place to keep your pieces!


Q: My sterling silver jewelry has tarnished! How do I remove the tarnish?  

Luckily sterling silver is super easy to clean! Special jewelry cleaning cloths will do the trick but they can take a lot of time & elbow grease so I prefer an actual liquid cleaner. You can pick up silver jewelry cleaner at any CVS/Walgreens/Target type store and simply dip, rinse well, and dry! You only need to dip it for a quick second - don't leave it in the liquid for too long! Just make sure you don't dip any of the stones or pearls in the cleaner - it will dissolve their luster. Even easier than that is cleaning them with toothpaste and a toothbrush (that you no longer use, of course!). Clean, rinse, and dry!        


Q: My gold filled jewelry has darkened and looks dull! How do I shine it up again? 


A: To be clear, Gold filled does not tarnish or "rub off", but it can darken if not taken care of properly (for example, you wore it to that hot summer festival and after a day of sweat, it turned dark). My own secret trick is that I dip it in a sterling jewelry cleaner for just a second or two to remove that outer dull layer, but that may not be a recommended practice if you ask an expert. I've also found that putting it in a regular jewelry cleaner (not one specifically for sterling silver) will shine it up again, too. 


My secret household weapon for gold is just a little liquid laundry detergent mixed in with about a cup of water - stir it up, soak your piece in it, and clean it with an old toothbrush if needed. Rinse and dry well when finished.  


*On some of my pieces that have a gold ring, there is a soldered joint that will occasionally darken due to wear and weather.  Simply buff the dark spot with a jewelry polishing cloth or clean it with a liquid jewelry cleaner to shine it back up again.

If you can boil it down to one fundamental rule of jewelry care - avoid all things
 moisture as much as possible to ensure your jewelry stays as pristine as possible!


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