Renegade NYC Vendors are up!!!

The Renegade Craft Fair vendor list for Brooklyn is up!!! Yay!!!

AND holy hell - Lotta Jansdotter is going to have a booth there!!!??? Are you kidding me!!!??? Talk about excited - I might geek out on her like I geeked out on Jenny Hart at last year's Stitch. "Hi Lotta, my name is Freshie and I make jewelry and your stuff is so awesome and I've been a fan for years, really, and one of my friends has one of your books and uh ... uh... "
And speaking of Jenny Hart, that reminds me of the Austin Craft Mafia in general and I really just have to give a shout out to them while I'm giving out shout outs. As my business has been growing and I prepare myself for the next level, the ladies of the ACM have been on my mind because they really are so nice and so professional and yet so rock n' roll and cool all at the same time. Especially the ladies that I've personally interacted with - Jesse Kelly-Landes, Jennifer Perkins, Karly Hand, Jenny Hart, and Vickie Howell - they've all been so super sweet and friendly and they are truly inspirational role models to anyone who wants to be in this crafty business. Seriously!!!

Okay enough gushing for one blog post. Having said all of that - I am so excited about Renegade!!!!

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