Are you looking to expand your accessory wardrobe? My go-to style is structured and minimal, but I've found myself wanting more. My jewelry armoire is lacking in the organic shape department. You too? 

Let's pick out Organic shaped earrings together! 

How To Pick Organic Shaped Earrings

How To Pick Organic Shaped Earrings

1. Simple - A simple organic shaped earring doesn't dangle too much or have too many layers. For a simple organic shaped earring, I'm fond of our Dream earrings and our Mini Simple Caldera earrings

How To Pick Organic Shaped Earrings : Dream earrings

shown above : Dream earrings in gold filled 

2. Statement - A statement organic shape is great when you need a little punch! A statement organic earring will be larger in size and have multiple layers. I like our Diverge earrings and Element earrings when you're looking for a larger, statement type organic shaped earring.

How To Pick Organic Shaped Earrings : Diverge earrings


3. Mixed Metal - A mixed metal pair of organic shaped earrings may be large, or small; the choice is yours! I'm partial to something that includes our signature black, oxidized metal. Try our Mixed Caldera earrings for a combination that includes three of our metal finishes or our Bright Totem earrings if you're feeling the mix of sterling silver and gold filled. 

How To Pick Organic Shaped Earrings - Mixed Caldera