Happy Valentine's Day! Treat Yo' Self!

It's Valentine's Day! Cue the hearts, gold foil, hot pink, burning red, and general floral overload.

Whether you are single, coupled up, married, divorced, or complicated; I'm pretty sure what you need to do is TREAT YO' SELF! Go out and buy yourself a red velvet cupcake and devour it before you get back to your car - it's your right on this heartiest of heart lovin' holidays! The red crumbs on your jacket can just be your DIY Valentine's Day accents.

If you'd rather buy yourself something that won't give you a sugar high, may I suggest procuring a piece of jewelry from our collection? Perhaps one of my personal favorites, the Lolly Earrings?

Treat yo' self! Go get them here!
Or maybe you'd rather get a new bold piece for spring, like our Double Chevron Necklace? This piece  is also an easy way to update your wardrobe with a nod to the chevron accessory trend!

Treat yo' self! Go get it here!
Either way, we hope you have a lovely day and hope you are not covered up in snow that you can't shovel your way out of! If that's the case, maybe you should just go outside, make some snow hearts and Instagram that sucker like this adorable gal from Norway:

cute hearts from Instagrammer Benhagdau

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