Zapplication is becoming a thorn in my side. It supposedly simplifies applying to craft shows by making everyone upload a few photos in the same complicated format, and therefore the crafter is able to apply to multiple shows with one click (and one credit card). I am uncomfortable with it because I don't see my images as the jury sees them, so I don't know what the final product looks like to them. Want to know why I'm paranoid? Here's a screen shot from my Zapplication account:


Notice how every single status is "Not Invited" (except for the one where I was wait listed and then rejected). How is that for a batting average? Another depressing stat is that all of these rejections cost me $305. I am starting to doubt that I will ever be accepted to any show that requires you to apply through Zapp. I even redid all of my photos with a super nice new camera (Pentax K10D) and followed their photo uploading instructions to a T. I think my photos look good but I don't know for sure! The true test will be if I am accepted in the Lowertown Festival - it is a festival that I have done two years in a row and if they reject me then something is seriously wrong with either my photos or their website... Grrr.....

I will admit that a lot of the Zapp shows are pretty big time and I may just be small potatoes to them, but until I get accepted to a show through Zapp, I will continue to doubt their application techniques and I've started to apply to less and less shows through Zapplication because it seems like a waste of money. Have any of you, my fabulous blog readers, had a good or bad experience with Zapp?