Freshie & Zero What To Wear On A Plane

Are you busily planning your spring break plans? I'm not sure that we'll take a break this spring, but I am dreaming of a beachy summer vacation! When it comes to airport attire, I've seen everything. While I do love comfort, I also think pajamas belong in the bedroom. Here's what I'll be wearing the next time I jump on a plane! 

What To Wear While Traveling On A Plane 

1. Comfy leggings - I might get a lot of differing opinions here, but pick something comfy in the pants department. 

2. A long tunic - if I do opt for leggings, I like to wear something longer that covers the tush.

3. Slip on shoes - Since we all have to walk through that pesky security line, you'll want a pair of shoes that slip on and off. Pick something punchy in color, or something with a pattern. It'll brighten up your day! 

4. A neck pillow - if you're jumping on a longer ride, bring this neck pillow along. You will thank yourself later! 

5. Cute earrings - If I'm traveling light, I'll make sure to wear my favorite pieces so I don't have to pack any jewelry! I like the Mixed Flame earrings because they are mixed metal and will work with any outfit that I've picked! The Mixed Honey Petals Necklace is also a versatile simple necklace that goes with just about anything.