What To Wear To New Year's Eve

A good new year's eve party is hard to turn down! Don't let the lack of outfit inspiration stop you from rsvp'ing yes to this year's event. 

5 Tips For Pick Out Your New Year's Eve Party Attire

1. Dress warm - Opt for a long sleeve dress and a hefty coat. New Year's Eve tends to be a chilly night to be out on the town. 

2. Go rosey - Rose gold that is! The traditional metal finish is gold of course. But why not start the new year with a bang. 

3. Bring the confetti - Seriously! The host may or may not love you for bring the party, but it's a night to celebrate and toss a little confetti. 

4. Wear statement shoes - Pick a bootie or heel with a pop of color. We like the idea of a deep burgundy, but any shade with do. 

5. Use a lip stain - It's one of those nights where you won't want to bother with re-applying lip stick, so pick something that will last all night long.