What to Wear to Bonnaroo

What to Wear to Bonnaroo

You're getting a double dose of Fashion Friday this week because Tennessee's version of Woodstock starts tomorrow! Bonnaroo is 4 days of sun, music, and fun out on "The Farm" in Manchester, TN. If you're headed to The Farm and are in need of some last-minute outfit inspo, look no further! This is courtesy of our own Carrie, who will be out at Roo with you! 

Bandeau - It's gonna be hot, so this bandeau will keep you cool(ish) and you won't have weird tank top tanlines!

High Waist Shorts - These are so cute and edgy!

Wild Sneakers - Animal print sneakers. Need I say more?

Organic Hoops - Since it will be so hot and I don't want to sweat in any necklaces, earrings are the way to go! These large organic hoops are perfect - light and still a little funky!

Fanny Pack - Bonnaroo has a lot of bag rules, so fanny pack (or belt bags) are the way to go!

Glitter Sunscreen - Personally, I'm trying to work as much glitter into my Roo outfits as humanly possible!

Sunglasses - Because being outside of hours on end requires it.

Glitter Liner - Again, give me alllllll the glitter!