Fashion Friday - what to wear to a workout class

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To A Work Out Class


It's that time of year where we all make the best of intentions! I'm hoping that new workout clothes will help me keep & meet my workout goals! Do you have any health related goals for 2019? 

Black Leggings - Black is slimming and kind. 

Long sleeve T-shirt - Because it's January! 

Teal Vest - Did I mention that it's cold in January? 

Knitted Hat - I'm all about a knitted cap. It's hides yesterday's hair and keeps my noggin warm. 

Gym Bag - When I make it to the gym it's usually en route to the studio. A big gym bag holds everything I'll need. 

Sneakers - You gotta treat your feet well. 

Half Moon Minimal Hoops - These hoops are so versatile that you can wear them to the gym and then all day long.