Freshie & Zero What To Wear To A Chinese New Year Party It's the year of the dog, which couldn't be more appropriate around here since Zero is my dog's name! The Chinese New Year is coming up this Friday. If you're lucky enough to get invited to a party celebrating this lunar transition, here's what you can wear. 

1. A red dress - keep the colors punchy and in theme and opt for a vibrant red hue. 

2. Denim is best - it'll be chilly, so make sure you wear a jacket. I like a denim jacket over a dress. You just can't ever go wrong with this combo! 

3. Comfy booties - black booties will never go out of style, you can quote me! 

4. A vibrant bag - since we're wearing a bright red dress, we might as well keep on that them with our bag too. I like this bag because it is bright and punchy too, but incorporates complimentary colors to our dress. 

5. A lucky charm - wear our open circle style Gather necklace