what to wear on tax day for boss babes

What To Wear On Tax Day 

Tax day can be stressful, but let's embrace your boss lady success! (hashtag hustle!) If you didn't e-file, you may find yourself standing in line at the post office to send off your tax return, so today's outfit inspiration is all about comfort + empowerment. 

1. Cute + Comfy shoes - sneakers are my go-to, so I'll definitely be wearing a pair on Tax Day. These peach Italian Superga shoes are going on my wish list!

2. Comfy denim - days in the studio require lots of moving around, so you'll often find me in a comfy pair of jeans. I'm totally into distressed denim these days - the holes are like built-in air conditioning! 

3. An empowering t-shirt - wear something that makes you feel like a #bosslady powerhouse today! I'm opting for a t-shirt about women making history. 

4. A cute clutch - you should know this by now, but I like fun and funky patterns. A clutch is a great way to introduce some patterns without wearing them all over your body. 

5. Simple earrings - I'm opting for a pair of silver and gold circle Glow earrings. They are simple and lightweight which makes them a wardrobe staple. Plus, they are my bestselling pair of earrings and have been for years!

✨BONUS ✨ Did you know that restaurants and retailers sometimes offer tax day freebies and deals? It may seem obvious, but it never occurred to me before now. Here is a round up of restaurants, pampering, and more to get you through tax day 2018.