What to Wear if You're an Aquarius

What to Wear if You're an Aquarius

Happy Birthday to our Aquarius ladies! I've once again, done some research on these trend-setting gals of the zodiac, and I put together something casual (because you like to be comfy) and edgy for you water signs! 

Vibrant Sweater Dress - Red is your power color and there's nothing more comfortable than a cozy sweater dress!

Glitter Sneakers - Since you're fashion forward, a sparky pair of sneakers is just right for you! 

Rectangle Hoops - These hoops are versatile, like you, and go with whatever trends you decide to rock any given day!

Wild Bag - The eccentric Aquarian likes to play with different prints, and a wild snake skin is perfect for you! 

Dark Lashes - A black-as-night mascara to frame your pretty eyes.

Unicorn Highlight -This highlight is fit for any fashionista.

Bold Lip - "You don't do a red lip with red clothes" is NOT a rule that you abide by. 

Rainbow Phone Case - Again, fun colors and patterns are your bread and butter, so even your phone is a fashion statement!