What to Wear if You're a Pisces

What to Wear if You're a Pisces

Happy birthday, Pisces ladies! It's you're time to shine! I've done a little research about these romantics and here is a look that takes it's cue from you! 

Slip Dress - The watery color and flow of this silk dress is perfect for the fishy gals of the Zodiac. 

Heels - According to my research, Pisces ladies rule over their feet (I'm still not 100% sure what that means), so they are lovers of amazing shoes! 

Lariat - This sassy piece will make your neck look longgggggg and adds some rock and roll edge. 

Clutch - Purples are your other power color! I looked into who are some fashionable Pisces and Rihanna is one of them! This looks like a clutch she would have! 

Eye Shadow Palette - Play up your natural beauty with this neutral palette. It even smells like peaches!

Soft Pink Lip - This will bring a little pop of color, but in a soft way. 

Sunnies - You're a fashionista, so you need sunnies! 

Long Earrings - Here's another length-giving piece of jewelry that will be a go-to in your collection.