What to Wear if you're a Gemini

What to Wear if You're a Gemini

It's the season of The Twins! We're celebrating these eclectic and breezy girls of the zodiac with something bright, airy, and fun - just like them! 

Boho Tunic - This bright and cheery tunic is perfect for a Gemini gal! 

Distressed Denim Shorts - Gemini girls like items that are easily taken care of. Is there anything easier than a cute pair of shorts?

Wedge Sandal - These sandals are comfy and still super funky. 

Mini Vessel - This necklace is a great layering piece for the jewelry-loving Gemini...

Hustle - ... and this one (with a longer length) goes with it hand-in-hand!

Raffia Clutch - Gemini love their accessories and this clutch is eccentric just like them!

Glitter Liner - A little glitter never hurt anybody!

Matte Gloss - Let your eyes doing the talking with a simple matte lip. 

Bronzer - Get ready for summer with this warm bronzer!