What Jewelry is Perfect for You, Based on Your Enneagram

What Jewelry is Perfect for You, Based on Your Enneagram

Jewelry for you Enneagram

What Freshie & Zero Piece Is Perfect For You Based On Your Enneagram

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that Enneagram personality tests have become the new, hot thing! Knowing your number and how it reflects your personality is the go-to in ice-breaking conversation. We've been talking about our numbers in the studio and decided to pull a piece that best reflects each number! 

1. Sprout Golden Earrings for The Perfectionist. Type Ones are perfectionists, so these perfect circles suit them! 

2. Meander Necklace for The Giver. Twos are known for their generosity and care for others. The linked, mixed metal rings show their ability to connect with other people. 

3. Sparky Amie Necklace for The Performer. Type Threes are known for being driven and image-conscious. This necklace has just a little extra glam that any three would love. 

4. Tiny Hearts Necklace for The Romantic. Our Type Four friends are the lovey-dovey of the group. This Tiny Hearts necklace lets them wear their hearts around their necks, more than they already do. 

5. Shift Minimal Hoops for The Observer. Type Five ladies are minimalists and innovative. These edgy minimal hoops are perfect for them! 

6. Hustle Necklace for The Loyalist. A type Six lady is a boss! Responsible, intuitive, and a problem solver. This Hustle necklace is great for her!

7. Antique Oar Earrings for The Enthusiast. The Type Seven epicure is a fun-loving, adventurous gal that doesn't do boredom. These Antique Oar earrings reflect her longing for adventure!

8. Shield Earrings for The Protector. A Type Eight is no-nonsense. She fights for justice and protects those she loves. These Shield earrings will bring out the Wonder Woman in her! 

9. Flow Necklace for The Peacemaker. Our Type Nine beauties go with the flow. They keep the peace. This flow necklace is a great reminder of the peace they bring to any group. 




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