What earrings to wear with pearl necklaces

Here are Freshie & Zero we get asked a lot about how to wear various styles of jewelry. How to pair specific metals or gemstones is a popular question and one that comes up a lot is pearls! Pearls are classic (some may say dated), but we love pairing them with simple, minimal pieces. 

If you're wearing a pearl necklace of any sort, these are the earrings you should wear with the necklace! 

What Earrings To Wear With A Pearl Necklace 

Simple hoops - If you're letting the pearl necklace do all of the work, try a pair of simple circle hoops. You can pick a metal finish that you love, because any metal finish looks great with the gorgeous hue of pearls. 

Pearl earrings - Are you the matchy-matchy type? Pick out a pair of earrings that includes pearls so that everything coordinates perfectly! 

Something you love - Do you have a favorite pair of earrings? Just go for it! The great thing about pairing jewelry is that it's about your style. You make the rules!