We have another commercial sighting!

I was going about my business (folding laundry to be precise) and happened to glance at the tv at just the right moment to catch our Antique Stone Necklace making an appearance in a Cascade commercial! It happens around :08 and of course as usual I was unable to get a very glamorous screen shot of this very pretty lady, but she is most definitely wearing our Antique Stone Necklace! I need to find this fabulous stylist who works on these commercials and send her some more jewelry! Or at the very least give her a high five or a Starbucks card. :)

There's our necklace!

Need one, too? Go get it here!
Just to review, this necklace has been seen on Chelsea Handler, in an Applebee's commercial, a Cymbalta commercial, and now a Cascade commercial. How funny! I wonder where it will turn up next?