Well, I did it. I have a baby boy who is three months old now, and I've been back at work for over two of those months.

This is me, right before heading to the hospital. I was ready to lighten my load!
Am I the crying, miserable mess I predicted I would be? Am I taking care of my baby out of obligation rather than love like I felt with my first?

The answer is a resounding NO! How wrong I was! (thank goodness!)

My little munchkin is sweet and adorable and so easy and I am in love with him! Is it his personality? Is it the fact that this isn't my first time around the newborn block? Maybe a little bit of both... this boy never cries unless he's hungry or tired - easy enough. He smiles all the time. Even my daughter hasn't been too annoyed with him, which is amazing because I hear that two year olds and newborn siblings don't usually get along.

3am feeding and I'm cool with that.
My insane timetable of getting back to work in 3 weeks actually wasn't too bad.  It was only hard because oddly enough, I wanted to be home with my little family of four instead of work work work like crazy which is my usual preference. Another drawback was that my body was a little beat up from delivering a 9 pound 3 ounce baby. You read that right. Ouch. In the delivery room when he came out, the nurse proclaimed "You had a 6 month old!"

What a difference between these two children of mine! Even though my first was such a bumpy ride, I'm so glad I had the experience of both types of babies. Now I can commiserate with those who have the difficult baby and high five the parents with the easy baby. I understand cry it out and I understand some babies just go to sleep without crying and without fuss. Every baby is different. I get it.

In the middle of all this becoming-a-mother-of-two business, Uncommon Goods sent out a catalog featuring my very own Love necklace - designed when I was pregnant with my first! How apropos. :) I also designed an exclusive bracelet and earrings for them - perfect to give to that tired new mommy in your life. Go check it out!