The system is down, the system is down. To understand what I'm talking about, watch this awesome clip from

Anyway, for those of you who tried to email me today or just look at my website, you may have noticed that my system was down. Yes, for the first time since I launched two and a half years ago, it went down for several hours today with no functioning email or ability to view the website. Needless to say, this stressed me out considerably, but fortunately I was moving and working on my house all day so I didn't have much time to think about it. I was listening more to the jerky cable guy who gave me a hard time for not disconnecting my old account before hooking up my new one. What does he care anyway? How does this affect his life at all? I'm the one who has to drive our cable receiver to Metro Center, not him!

Sigh. I digress. I worked on my house all day today and tomorrow will focus on jewelry again for at least half the day. Then, back to packing up my worldly posessions! The moving of the office and studio will have to happen in a coordinated effort, all in one day preferably so that I can know where everything is for jewelry emergencies (these things do happen!). Okay, off to bed to catch up on my sleep! Tired and grumpy is no way to move, folks.