The more cluster rings the merrier!

The more cluster rings the merrier!

Customization is the new black, and we've got a customizable necklace that you'll love! Our original Cluster necklace comes with 4 hand formed and hammered rings, but you know what!?! You can customize the Cluster necklace to hold as many rings as you need! 

It's similar to our ever so popular Love necklace in that you can customize the amount of rings. The possibilities with this style are virtually endless.

The Cluster necklace differs from the Love necklace just a bit though. The rings on the cluster necklace come in two sizes, tiny and small. The slight variation in ring size makes for a dynamic statement piece of jewelry.

And would you believe that the customization doesn't stop there? You can also choose from gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold filled rings. The world is your oyster! 

Since this necklace is often purchased or gifted in honor of growing families, we like the flexibility that comes along with it. By simply sliding a new ring onto the necklace you have the flexibility to grow the necklace along with your family as it grows in size. 

Do you own a Cluster necklace? If so, how many rings are on yours? Leave a comment below letting us know! 

shown : Cluster necklace in rose gold filled rings on a sterling silver chain 

shown ( left to right ) : 1. Cluster necklace in gold filled rings and sterling silver chain  2. Cluster necklace in sterling silver rings and gold filled chain 

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