Best Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

Best Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

Freshie & Zero Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

The Best Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

One question we get often is "What are the best ways to take care of my jewelry?" Here are a few tips for caring for your jewelry that keeps your beauties in tip-top shape and ready to wear!

Keep away from moisture! It's so important to keep your jewelry out of open air and away from any moisture. The bathroom is a TERRIBLE place to keep your jewelry! The water in the air will cause your metals to tarnish much faster. 

For your every-day pieces, trinket dishes like this one are a great idea for storage! These are for the earrings and necklaces you wear every day. I would also suggest keeping the zip-lock bag that your order comes in so you can store the jewelry that way! For your special occasion jewelry, keep it in your jewelry box. 

Keep it away from chemicals such as sunscreen, hairspray, perfume, etc. Another good rule of thumb is to wash your jewelry with soap and water (and rinse and dry well) after a wild night of partying or just a hot day at the park. It is also not recommended to exercise in your handmade jewelry, as it can cause unnecessary stress on the piece, and the salt from sweating does not react well with the metals.  

I definitely do not recommend wearing jewelry in a treated swimming environment (unlike a natural environment like a lake or ocean). I learned this by mistake - I was wearing a silver necklace and got in a hot tub and it's never been the same since.  Any sort of pool or hot tub has chemicals that the jewelry does not like, so play it safe and take them off before swimming.

At the chance that your piece does begin to tarnish, have no fear! It's super easy to clean! Silver polishing cloths (like this one) will do the trick but they can take a lot of time & elbow grease, so I prefer an actual liquid cleaner.  You can pick up silver jewelry cleaner at any CVS/Walgreens/Bed, Bath & Beyond type store and simply dip, rinse well, and dry!  Just make sure you don't dip any of the stones or pearls in the cleaner - it will dissolve their luster.  Even easier than that is cleaning them with toothpaste and a toothbrush (that you no longer use, of course!).  Clean, rinse, and dry!

If you ever have a piece that you think is beyond cleaning, shoot us an email and we can see what we can do! Email us at





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