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Throw back Thursday - Lessons for Entrepreneuers

This is a blog post I wrote when I was pregnant with my first child back in 2010 (four years ago - oh the free time I had!). I still come back to it for business advice, so I thought it was worth sharing again. I am delegating a lot more these days and have brought in help (entrepreneurial), but I'm still primarily running the show at Freshie & Zero (self-employed). I have not yet sought out a...
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How to Organize a Successful Photo Shoot

Once a year now, I call up my buddy and amazing photographer Sarah Beaty of Eyeris Photography, and she and I hash out a plan for a Freshie & Zero photo shoot. I used to photograph everything myself and use my friends as models, but as the business evolved I had to step up my game! Some of my photos I took of my friend Kelley in my mom's backyard are still some of my favorites, but my photography... Continue reading

The First Show

It's 2013, which means its been 7 years since I registered Freshie & Zero as a business and started dragging my then boyfriend (now husband) to craft shows to sell my jewelry. I would like to share a little story about how it all began...

I remember my first craft show well. I was so excited! My glorious tent was so shiny & new. I had practiced setting up my clean, non-scratched display tables in... Continue reading

Brush up on your resume and interview skills

Print by Suzanna Anna

*I am writing to you from the trenches of hiring an assistant, but I decided not to post it until I had firmly made a hire.

I recently posted a position for a jewelry assistant on craigslist and thought that maybe I'd get 3 or 4 resumes, but I received dozens- over 40 in one week! I've been sifting through resumes, cover letters, and emails, and it's been difficult to... Continue reading

Why I stopped listing my craft shows on my website

Why I stopped listing my craft shows on my website

I received a book called 500 Tips for Marketing Your Crafts for Christmas one year and every now and then I pick it up and flip through its pages. It's a bit pricey for a ten year old paperback, especially one that isn't even that thick, but it is full of information ranging from taking photographs of your work to prepping your car for craft shows. Most of it I already knew, but some tips are new to me, like this one... Don't list your craft shows on your website.

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

buttons by dada dreams

I went to a lecture last night at my Alma Mater, Harpeth Hall, to hear two business women (also alumnae) discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The first speaker on the panel was Olivia Mullin who started her own stationery business 15 years ago, Olivia Mullin Co. With over 1,000 retail stores and a very distinctive look, it is a very well known and respected company... Continue reading

Crazy Show Season, part 1

Where do I even begin? I feel like I've been whirled around inside a pressure cooker for the last three weeks of my life!

I'll go back to Chicago, June 26th when we left for the Fountain Square Art Fest in Evanston, IL - it took us over 9 hours to drive there due to many annoying traffic jams. We set up in the middle of the street, and had to make fast decisions about how to maximize our set up... Continue reading

Marketing Thoughts

business card by oh young designer

I've been trying harder to promote Freshie & Zero these days after a slew of unsuccessful shows. I've recently updated my Trunkt portfolio, as you can see in that groovy widget above. It's a pretty cool site but if it had a better search engine and a more user-friendly uploading style it would be perfect. I paid for it and have never directly gotten any sales from...
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Be Wary...

Let me just say that I'm "wary" of people who email me and ask me if I'd like to be featured in their blog/online journal/etc. Why, you ask? Who wouldn't want to be featured in a blog?

Here's why: when people ask first, (instead of just posting about you and either A - never telling you or B - emailing you just to let you know), 99% of the time it means that they want a free sample in order to... Continue reading

Opportunities for Creatives

Here are some upcoming shows for those of you looking to fill your calender with venues to sell your creations! Know about a cool show still seeking artists - please let me know!

First Annual Lost River Fine Arts Fair - Bowling Green, KY
Saturday, October 4th 2008 10:00am to 5:00pm

This annual fair showcasing fine original art in all mediums is the first event of its kind in the Bowling Green area.... Continue reading
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