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5 Holiday Gift Options for Under $15! December 08 2020, 0 Comments

Freshie Finds - Best Friends Gift Guide June 10 2019, 0 Comments

Hey y'all! Carrie here! I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm always on the hunt for a great gift for one of my besties! Inspired by Freshie's shopping habits, I've taken to Etsy for gifts for my friends (as long as it's not last minute!). Here are some of the cutest things I've found that would be great for any of your friends! 

Freshie Finds - Treat Yo' Self Gift Guide May 20 2019, 0 Comments

I don't know about you, but there are many days when I just need to treat myself. Whether its a new couch (which I totally almost did the other day) or something as simple as an ice cream on my way home from work. Here are some of the cutest things from Etsy that will remind you to treat yourself, or, are fun ways to slow down do it! 

Freshie Finds - Graduation Gift Guide May 06 2019, 0 Comments

College graduations in Nashville started last weekend with more coming up throughout the rest of the month! If you're looking for a gift for a graduate, here are some great options from my favorite place to shop - Etsy! 

Freshie & Zero's Mother's Day Gift Guide April 29 2019, 0 Comments

It's the day about mommas and we've pulled together some of our all-time favorite and popular pieces for the moms in your life! 

Freshie Finds - Boss Babe Gift Guide April 22 2019, 0 Comments

As we get ready to celebrate moms, I wanted to do a special gift guide for my fellow boss babe moms out there from my favorite place to shop, Etsy! 

Freshie Finds - Spring Queen Gift Guide April 15 2019, 0 Comments

We're getting to one of my favorite times of the year - SPRING! I love the soft colors, the fresh flowers, and the sunny days. I could live without the attack of the allergies, but everything else? LOVE! Here's some spring-centric Etsy goodies for the spring queen in your life! 

Freshie Finds - Kid's Easter Basket Gift Guide April 01 2019, 0 Comments

Aside from the normal assortment of candies, I like to add some cute things to the Easter baskets for my kiddos! Here are some of the cutest Easter-centric things I found on my favorite place to shop - Etsy! 

Freshie Finds - Wanderlust Gift Guide March 25 2019, 0 Comments

I love to travel. When the opportunity presents itself to get out of town, I take it! Whether its for a night or a few weeks, I'm always game to go somewhere new! My wanderlust has taken the backseat to my family and business, but there is still a place in my heart for all things travel! Here are some great things I've found on Etsy for those of you with the insatiable travel urge!

Freshie Finds - Bridesmaid's Gift Guide March 18 2019, 0 Comments

With wedding season just around the corner, I'm sure there are a LOT of brides looking for ways to show the ladies in their bridal party just how much they love them! Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds that would make perfect gifts for bridesmaids!