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Freshie Finds - Geometric Gift Guide January 20 2019, 0 Comments

Freshie Finds - Under $40 Gift Guide January 15 2019, 0 Comments

Coming off of the holidays, if you're like me, you put yourself on a budget for any gift giving! I've found some super cute gift ideas that won't break the bank! 

Freshie Finds - Resolution Keeping Gift Guide January 13 2019, 0 Comments

The start of a new year brings hopes, dreams and lots of business goals. This year I'm looking forward to some big changes for Freshie & Zero - more on that later. For now I'm adding a few key pieces to my desk that'll keep me on top of my resolutions. What's one thing that helps you stay on top of your resolutions?

Freshie Finds - Mystical & Elegant Gift Guide January 06 2019, 0 Comments

You know Etsy is my favorite place to shop for gifts so when I needed to find something mystical for a friend, Etsy is right where I went! 

Freshie Finds - Glitter Gal Gift Guide January 01 2019, 0 Comments

The holiday season is known for glitz and glam, but I like to show off my glitter all year long! Here are some fabulously glittery things I've found on Etsy!

Freshie Finds - My Favorite Murder Gift Guide December 18 2018, 0 Comments

Do you have a MFM fan in your life? I've put together a lovely gift guide full of items to buy your MFM gal pal in your life!

Freshie Finds - Last Minute Gift Guide December 16 2018, 0 Comments

Procrastinated a bit? That's totally okay! I'm rounding up my favorite stores to grab a gift card to. It's never too late to grab a gift card. 

Freshie Finds - Disney Fanatic Gift Guide December 09 2018, 0 Comments

If I had it my way, I would live at Disney World. I've already been twice this year! The sounds, the smells, the magic - I love it all! If you have any friends that are Disney fanatics like me, here are some of my favorite Disney Etsy finds! 

Freshie Finds - Winter Lover's Gift Guide December 02 2018, 0 Comments

I'm not the biggest fan of cold-weather, but I have friends that LIVE for winter! I  found some super cute things on Etsy for the winter lovers in your life!

Freshie Finds - Plaid Loving Gift Guide November 25 2018, 0 Comments