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Freshie Finds - Fall Lovers Gift Guide September 10 2018, 0 Comments

Do you have a best gal pal that is crazy about fall? Me too! While I'm not so crazy about the pumpkin spice craze, I have a few gal pals that love it. They were on my mind as I sourced all of these fall-ish gift ideas! 

Freshie Finds - New Teacher Gift Guide August 27 2018, 0 Comments

It's the beginning of a new school year, and I like to start things off on the right foot! I'll be sending in sweet little notions to the new teachers this year. And because I really love shopping on Etsy, all of these finds can be found there!

Freshie Finds - Summer Birthday Gift Guide August 20 2018, 0 Comments

Is your bestie a summer baby? If so, you're in luck! I've curated a handful of my favorites from Etsy just for the summer birthday girl. 

Freshie Finds - Dorm Room Essential Gift Guide August 17 2018, 0 Comments

Do you know someone that's embarking on the journey of beginning college? Is she staying on campus in a dorm room? If so, I've got the best gift guide for you. You'll find all of these essentials on Etsy, my favorite place to buy gifts! 

Freshie Finds - Bestie Birthday Cruise Trip Gift Guide July 16 2018, 1 Comment

In the thick of summer, nothing sounds better than boarding a cruise ship with my best friends to celebrate a birthday! If you're lucky enough to be celebrating your best friend's birthday here is an Etsy gift guide filled with festive gifts. 

Father's Day Gift Guide June 11 2018, 0 Comments

Father's Day is right around the corner! Not sure what to gift day? We've curated a list of essentials from a handful of Etsy Stores that are making Father's Day gift giving easy. 

Freshie Finds - Bestie Gift Guide May 28 2018, 0 Comments

Freshie Finds - Mother's Day Gift Guide April 30 2018, 1 Comment

Mom deserves to be celebrated! What are you gifting her this year? We've curated a collection of gift ideas from our most favorite Etsy shops to make gift giving easy. 

5 Bridal Gifts Under $60 April 02 2018, 0 Comments

Bridal shower season is upon us! If you're anything like me (you are, aren't you?), then you're on the hunt for something sentimental to gift at the bridal showers you attend. There's nothing wrong with gifting off of the registry, but gifting something pretty is way more fun!