Stockists page updated!

I have just updated the Stockists page on our website to include all of the lovely new retailers who have picked up our line over the summer! I try to keep it updated with people who have ordered within the past few months so that if you go to their store, you will find a good selection of Freshie & Zero jewelry! We shipped orders this week to: Carmel Flower Shop in Carmel, NY; O.Liv Body Bar in Nashville, TN; Whole Earth Provision stores in Texas, Yankee Ingenuity in Chatham, MA; and Sophie's in Chattanooga, TN just to name a few! Have I mentioned we ♥ our retailers?

Is your favorite store on the list? Did you know we are always happy when our customers suggest retailers they think would be a good fit for our jewelry, or better yet, suggest us to your favorite shop! If you want to recommend a shop to us, please email me at beth {at} freshieandzero {dot} com (sorry for the anti-spam format!). Have a great weekend!

Click to see the full list!

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