Sneak Peek

So who knew that remodeling a house was such a big project? I'm the first to admit that I was totally and blindly optimistic. "We'll just paint the walls and put in some tile floors and granite counter tops!" said me, the naive first time home buyer 8 weeks ago who thought this would take maybe two weeks to do. Little did I know that once you start, it creates a domino effect and 5 weeks after signing the papers, we still haven't moved in... Here's a sneak peek of how the painting is going...

Remember this drab and boring picture of my future studio?

Dark, depressing almost black floors and a bland off white paint on the wall. An old and outdated light fixture did not add to the charm.

Ta da! The floors have been painted a "Dusty Trail" color and the walls are now a light blue called "Surf's Up". Since it was my very own space in the house, I decided to go totally girly and replaced the light fixture with a chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids. The boxes hanging from the windows hold curtain rods that I am going to install in front of the closets to replace the sliding doors that had seen better days...

Yikes! Broken doors that were really heavy and off of their tracks.

Behind those funky doors hides the smaller, older closet. The bizarre wood paneling lining the walls was just plain ugly.

We took the doors off to reveal the massive closet space. This will soon be behind a simple off-white curtain hung from just below the ceiling. I imagine that most of the time the curtains will be open, since I'm going to put the "shipping department" inside the right side of the closet.

I kept the granny window covering - it's kinda cute now that it's surrounded by the new color. I was going to paint all of the trim a light grey but unfortunately it's black because it's been shellacked and apparently shellac turns black in 50-60 years. The only way to paint over it takes a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and priming and it was just too much work to take on at this point. The black doesn't look too bad, though.

These pictures are before I've even got my stuff in there! I'm so excited to use this space - I can't wait to put all of my stuff in one room and not have it scattered all over the house. The only thing I need to find now is a sturdy surface to hammer on since I won't be using my kitchen for that any more!

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