I started applying to shows this year in the beginning of February and the acceptances and rejections are now rolling in! Here's a glimpse into how my year is shaping up. The amounts are what I paid to apply, but I'm not a very good record keeper as you will see...

I'm so IN!
ONB Magic City - Birmingham, AL ($25)
(score! I was rejected last year and I hear it's a good one!)

Pink Palace Crafts Fair - Memphis, TN ($?)
(this was my best show I ever had sales-wise, mere days after my brother's death)

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival - Atlanta, GA ($25)
(I love this show - I'm so glad they let me come back!)

Spring Bada-Bing - Richmond, VA ($5)
(this will also facilitate a trip to all the relatives in Virginia, too!)

Crafty Feast - Columbia, SC ($0)
(this may be a low-key show but I won't have my slave labor, uh, husband to help me)

Artfest - Dallas, TX ($30)
(I was accepted after being wait listed! My first show in Texas since Stitch. Will Stitch be back for more?)

Fountain Square Art Festival - near Chicago, IL ($30)
(this show was literally blown away by heavy winds last year, hope that's not a repeat!)

Indieana Handicraft Exchange - Indianapolis, IN ($0)
(the promoter is a sweetheart and I bet there will be some great indie goodness here!)

I'm so NOT IN!
Decatur Arts Alliance - Decatur, GA ($30)
(2nd year in a row I was denied... bitches.)

Wells Street Art Fest
- Chicago, IL ($30)
(same promoter as the Fountain Square Art Festival - funny I got into one and not the other)

I'm still NOT SURE!
Kentuck Arts Festival - Northport, AL ($35)
(man I loved this show last year - I hope they let me in again!)

Athens Indie Craftstraganza - Athens, GA ($85 - includes booth fee)
(or however you spell it)

Atlanta Arts Festival - Atlanta, GA ($25)
(not holding my breath - I've been denied at least once from this show)

Woodland Art Fair - Lexington, KY ($25)
(this will probably be my third rejection from this show. hmph.)

Forum on Peachtree - Norcross, GA ($25)
(I think I actually am rejected but it hasn't been officially mailed to me yet)

Virginia Beach Christmas Market - Virginia Beach, VA ($100 deposit)
(this show is so big it kind of scares me but I hear it's great)

It's a LOT of paperwork to apply and keep up with all of these shows!! Each one has different rules, different set up times, fees, etc... My total fees paid out so far this year are: $500!!! Holy crap! It's so scary when you add it all up... The good news is, I've got a good rate of acceptance so far this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the rest of them!