Showing Up

Showing Up

The time is always right to do what is right

Last week was something, amiright? I mean 2020 has been one hot mess after another and guys: it’s only June. We will continue sharing Freshie & Zero content because I have to make a living and pay my employees, but I really hope a more “normal” social media does not signal that we are giving up the fight for equality. We are not.

I can’t thank Carrie (@carriehudd) enough for sharing her experiences on my feed last week. Carrie – anytime you have something to say in the future, even if it’s a micro-aggression you experienced at Trader Joe’s – I hope you’ll tell us about it. Because we need to stop normalizing or shrugging off this sh*t treatment you experience in America because your skin is dark.

I know this is a page for a jewelry brand, but this is *my* brand, this is who I am, and I’m tired of playing it safe for the sake of neutrality. I don’t like to see my friends hurting and I really don’t like that I haven’t even realized it was happening. (ah ha! white privilege!) I love designing and making jewelry. I love my studio team. And I love scrolling through beautiful pictures on Instagram. These things are not controversial.

What is also not controversial? Speaking up for victims of oppression, victims of racism, and victims of violence.

Here’s the thing. I have quietly donated to the ACLU and other social justice/women-focused nonprofits for years. Why quietly? Why don’t I share that I donate to Planned Parenthood? That I believe healthcare should be accessible to people who can’t afford it? That I believe more women should be represented in the government? Is that good silence or bad silence? It was definitely more comfortable to keep it to myself. But the time of comfort is over. 2020 does NOT have time for that sh*t.

If you’re still with me, there are a million ways to keep the momentum. Here are three accounts that I find helpful: @privtoprog @beabridgebuilder @aclu_nationwide

I’m not perfect (duh). I’m terrified to say the wrong thing. But I have to try. If this is uncomfortable for you, welcome friend. Let’s do this together.

xo, Freshie

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