I'm so excited about this series! We have big love for small businesses that keep Freshie & Zero hammering along. A lot of you know that our jewelry is sold in boutique stores across the country, in fact many of you discovered our pieces in those very stores. 

Now it's our turn to show a little love to those small business boutiques!  Today we're chatting with Embellish Asheville

Embellish Asheville

Get to know our retailer, Embellish Asheville


Embellish Asheville is a cute little home and gift store in, you guessed it Asheville, NC. Their philosophy is "Celebrating and supporting indie designers and makers from Asheville, the southeast and beyond. Firm in our belief that a gift shouldn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to be special and unique or come from a big box store to be affordable." Embellish Asheville is owned and operated by Barb Skupien. We asked Barb a few questions about her store, so let's get to know her a little bit more! 

What's your favorite section to stock? 

Jewelry, no question. I have several categories here from bags to craft cocktail supplies but jewelry is my favorite! 

What's your go to metal finish? 

Mixed Metals! It’s a tough choice, but definitely a piece with mixed metals, probably the stem lariat! 

What are your small business Saturday plans? 

Our doors will be wide open! 

What 2017 trend did you really love? 

Delicate layers with lots of chain! 

When did you open shop? 

I opened this store in 2015, but my love of jewelry and Freshie & Zero goes back to 2008 when I opened my first store in Chicago!


Thank you, Barb! Stay tuned as we've got a handful of shops we love that'll be popping up on the blog later this week.