Pin it to Win It!

We're kicking off our month of birthday-related festivities with a
"Pin it to Win it" giveaway! This is the first of our three April giveaways where you will have chance to WIN Freshie & Zero goodies! 

How To Enter: 
1. Follow Freshie & Zero on Pinterest!
2. Visit our website {} and pin your favorite products to your Pinterest page, tagging @freshiebeth and using the hashtag #winFreshieZ.*
3. Pin as much and as many times as you like (not limited to just one product!) until April 14th.
4. One lucky winner will receive the Freshie & Zero product pinned in the winning pin. 
Happy Pinning! We can't wait to see your favorites!
Freshie & Zero

* there seems to be an odd Pinterest autocorrect issue defaulting to "Jon Freshwater" when you enter Freshie & Zero so make sure you're tagging "@freshiebeth"!

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