To say I was ambitious this year would be an understatement. I moved to a bigger studio at the tail end of last year and then hired two additional people this year, doubling my little staff of helpers! With more space and more hands, I decided to jump into more holiday shows than I've done in years and all I can say is, this girl is TIRED. (Good thing my studio holiday spa party is coming up soon!)

But this is it! This is the finish line! My last show of the year! Yayyyy!!!

This is a very cool show to end the year with I must say. The gals putting it on are so talented, and I'm excited to just be in the room with them for a few hours over the weekend, let alone sell alongside them!

So come out and support some local artisans and wrap up your holiday shopping, Nashville! It's right in town on Charlotte Avenue in Cindy Wunch's Studio Be. There is going to be a host of creative ladies with their fine wares, including Simon & Ruby jewelry, Marge Luttrell encaustics, Maggie Russell art and Christina Cohn ceramics.

Click here for more details. Hope to see you there!