Ode to Anthropologie, my favorite store

Can... barely...contain... excitement...

SO excited am I. The Anthropologie less than one mile down the road from my apartment is opening in a few days. Holy crap. I'm stoked yet sad at the same time. Sad because now everyone in town can shop where I buy so many of my clothes, where before I always shopped at Anthropologies in other cities therefore keeping my clothes kind of unique to Nashville. :( Bummer. I'm more happy than sad, though, because every day I drive by it I get so excited! I seriously thought about applying to work there, but I only wanted to be on the visual team, and my schedule is pretty limiting due to my craft shows.

But... what an amazing time I would have being in Anthropologie for hours at a time without any nagging friend or husband wondering when I would be ready to leave... There would be no reason for Anthropologie to write me a paycheck (in my fantasy where I am a starry eyed employee) because I would simply be happy to work for merchandise.

I just might have to be there when the doors open on August 31st. Unless there's a line. It's too hot to wait in line.

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