New website features!

A friend of mine suggested that I create a web page for all of my color options a few months ago and I could have smacked myself on the head for not thinking of it sooner! Now you can go to one place and view all of the gemstones and pearls that I currently have on hand! Seriously, how did I not think about this before?

This will now help you decide what you would like on say, a Lula Lariat? Or a Little Leap necklace?

Another exciting yet totally simple new feature on my website is found on the Necklaces page. I have so many necklaces to choose from now that I have created subheadings with anchors to more easily navigate the page. I had no idea what that meant until a few days ago but was so psyched when I learned how to do it!

It's the little things in life, right?

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