So last month, I took a big business leap of faith and moved out of my house and into a separate studio. My life had changed, so it was time to change my work, too. What was this change you ask? Why, that cute little bundle of joy I delivered a year ago - my adorable daughter whom we will call Rah Rah since that's what she calls herself.

My workflow had been broken up since Rah Rah came along - I could only hammer upstairs while she was downstairs and if she was napping upstairs in her room, I had to go downstairs in the kitchen to hammer.

Rah Rah & Zero

Another problem was that since my entire business was home, I could work anytime. So I worked all the time. I'm sure this is something all self-employed people have to deal with. I tried to set office hours, but that was like nailing jello to the wall. For me, I seriously needed a physical separation of work & home.

And then of course the distractions - the hubs, the baby - they're both cute and were taking up a lot of my time in which I could be working. And it wasn't like it was quality time - it was just me hanging out with them while I procrastinated and avoided what I really needed to be doing.

And lastly - my studio in our 100 year old house gets ALL the afternoon sun and there is no insulation. It's pretty hard to work indoors when the temperature is 85°. I used to just work at night but now with that cute little baby I'm soooo exhausted by 8:30. Did I ever mention that I used to to go raves and stay out all night? This early bedtime is slightly demoralizing but I can't help it!

So I looked around and found a basement room in a downtown building that seemed perfect, and after a brief period right when I moved in and I had a few moments of panic and feelings of isolation - I settled in. For me to be comfortable, I need to be surrounded by color, art, and well, happy stuff. So once I got my stuff in, I felt much, much better.

lots 'o stuff in my shipping area

So anyway, now I'm in my downtown space and while I type this I'm enjoying some sushi from Jimbo's in the Arcade (I know - what a name for a sushi restaurant!). I get to walk to all my business destinations like the post office, Fed Ex, and the bank. I get to blast music without annoying anyone (love that). I can hammer without annoying anyone or waking the baby. It's pretty sweet.

The best part, though, is that now when I am with my family, I'm truly with them. I have no work in front of me or haunting me in another room. We go to parks, festivals, Target, whatever. It's good, quality time. And that's worth paying rent for!