Why I stopped listing my craft shows on my website

Why I stopped listing my craft shows on my website

why i stopped listing my craft shows on my website

I received a book called 500 Tips for Marketing Your Crafts for Christmas one year and every now and then I pick it up and flip through its pages. It's a bit pricey for a ten year old paperback, especially one that isn't even that thick, but it is full of information ranging from taking photographs of your work to prepping your car for craft shows. Most of it I already knew, but some tips are new to me, like this one:

Don't list your craft shows on your website.

This piece of advice had never occurred to me! The reasoning is that your competition will apply to all of your shows, get into some of them, and take your space or half of your money.

I guess I forget how competitive this business can be (and I have learned the hard way a few times!). I decided to take this advice to heart. I used to list my previous shows on my website, going back to 2006...until today. I took them all off except for my upcoming shows. I see no need to not list the shows I am already in since the application deadline has already passed. I always update my events page once the show is over and remove past events. However, listing any events you are participating in is against the book's advice! I think that takes it a bit too far. I believe it is important to list upcoming shows for my customers benefit, even if my competition uses it against me!

This has turned out to be good advice for me. My website is no longer a resource for other jewelers looking for craft shows to apply to. And you know what? No one has EVER contacted me to see what past shows I have been in. It was truly unnecessary information. 

What do you think? Do you list prior shows on your website? Have you been burned by doing this or would you rather keep your shows up like a resume of sorts?

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