Let's talk about baths, baby

Let's talk about baths, baby

5 fun ideas to do in the bathtub

For most of my life, I've never really been into taking baths. (Don't worry - I am a big fan of showers.) I have just never been a get-in-a-tub-to-relax kind of person.

That all changed when I moved into my current house. There was an actual soaker tub in an actual master bathroom! A bathroom we didn't have to share with our children! It wouldn't be full of toys or any of the weird/gross things kids do in the bath! 

Suddenly bath bombs were my new favorite gift (for myself). Essential oil bath salts were my jam. What else was my jam? Extending my soak time by doing unusual things.

1. Listen to a podcast.

It may be about true crime or obscure history, which some may not find exactly relaxing but I'm basic like that. I can sink into the tub and listen to My Favorite Murder and I'm in my happy place. Current favorites: Redhanded and You're Wrong About

2. Watch a favorite feel-good movie.

Grab your tablet or laptop and set it up where you can see it. Pick a movie that always makes you smile and press play! I may or may not have watched The Lego Movie while taking a bath... more than once... but not all at once. Pruny fingers are not my favorite.

3. Play a game on your phone

Okay this one may seem strange after I poo-poo'd reading books in the bath tub. However, one of my guilty pleasures/ways to relax is to play a game on my phone. It is much less of a guilty pleasure when you are literally soaking in the tub and have no expectations of being productive. Current favorites: Disney Emoji Blitz and Angry Birds Match

4. Try a new bath bomb

This may seem obvious, but bath bombs are NOT all created equal. I'm a big fan of Lush bath bombs because they are big and fragrant and mesmerizing to watch dissolve. When sourcing bath products for my store, I wanted handmade bath bombs with good fizz and good skin benefits. Lucky for me, I found Whipped Up Wonderful! The owner Alexis Clare makes so many fun bath bombs and even... bath bomb macarons with shea butter! Aren't they cute?

5. Think beyond the glass of wine

In my early days of getting to know my bathtub, I would pour a glass of wine as my go-to beverage. That's a good standard, but why not make your bath a bubbly cocktail party? These days I make a stiff Old Fashioned, a Royal Hawaiian, or even a simple Gin & Tonic... with a lot of gin. You don't want to have to get out of the bath to refill, so make it a double and put your wet feet up!

Are there any weird or unusual things you like to do while taking a bath?

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