Kristin Pavelka has long been a favorite shop of mine on etsy and the lucky girl is building her very own home studio! Sooo she is having a sale in order to clear out her storage space so that she has less stuff to move - lucky us!!! Check out her beautiful and imaginative pottery:

a butter dish for a half a stick of butter - it looks just like a house from who-ville!

i'm not really one to get excited about teapots but this one looks straight out of Alice in Wonderland

i love this whimsical salad plate

she has several different salad plate styles - what a perfect time to get a lovely
mis-matched set at the sale price so every one of your guests feels special!

Sorry ladies, the set above is mine all mine. I can't wait 'til it arrives!!!

So what are you waiting for!? Go help a sister out and get some of her work at a great price during her moving sale! Sale ends August 31 and most sale listings will be removed permanently.