I'm back!

Yes, it's true - the website is open again!  And from the orders I've already gotten, it seems as though some people were standing by as the clock struck midnight on June 1st!  I'm calling it a "soft re-opening" since I'm not sending an email blast about it just yet.  I have so much on the books that I may not be ready to do an email blast until October!  Like a crazy person, I am still doing the Atlanta Gift Show and the New York Gift Show this summer - it sounded so plausible before baby was born.  Now it sounds like one enormous challenge but I know i can do it.  People do it every day, right?

It's not easy getting back in the saddle again after being out of the studio for four weeks, in addition to all the transition that a new baby brings!  My strategy has been to make mini to-do lists of only 5 things per day.  Have I crossed all 5 things off the list on any day?  No.  But they get done, usually in a day and a half and that's good enough for now.

I have some fun new things in the works for Freshie & Zero - new styles with more pretty gemstones, possibly more rose gold if I ever get around to that to-do list, and I have a photo shoot with a new model scheduled for Friday!  AND I will be exhibiting at the American Artisan Festival for the first time ever this month!  I have grown up going to this festival and I'm so pumped about it - it's my first outdoor craft show in my home town that I'll actually be exhibiting in!  Can we say it's about time?  Can we pray for a heat index below 85°?  The festival just added a facebook fan page - go over there and show them some love!

So peeps, thanks for being patient during my maternity leave!  I'm so happy to be making jewelry again!

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