Does anyone know much about this website ( It is an online portfolio and I paid for the "standard" one so that I get 9 images on the site and supposedly people will be looking at my profile all the time. So far I've had 79 portfolio views since I signed on, which I think was last week after I read Whitney Smith's interview on etsy and she mentioned the website (I just love her and her interview solidified it!). I had heard of it before but I'm totally new to it so if anyone has any tips or tricks I'm all ears! Please come by for a visit and sign my guest book! If you're crafty, sign up and try out the "basic" account - you can upload three photos for free!

5.12.08 Update
I haven't gotten jackola from Trunkt yet - no wholesale inquiries, no sales as a result of it or anything! Does anyone have a success story from Trunkt that they would like to share?