I heart faux bois

I have long had a fascination with all things faux bois (fake wood) so I've been bookmarking some good ones to share with you!

1. To Do or To Don't? You can now make lists for both with this double-faced journal designed by Liz Young available from Velocity.
2. There is something so chic about this silver wood grain ribbon from Martha Stewart.
3. I will have to buy one of these some day - it's a tree stump stool cover to make all of your boring, cheap stools much more appealing! Available from Little Odd Forest.
4. This orange wood grain journal by Rock Paper Scissors is only one of many faux bois products they make (and i want them all!).
5. This luxury silk-lined black & white tree print clutch bag by Red Ruby Rose would be a very indie addition to your little black dress.
6. I already own these stylish damask file folders available from Delight.com.
7. This polymer clay pendant is so pretty and unique - available from Salt and Pepper on etsy.
8. For the hip gent - a wood grain wallet made from super strong Tyvek material sold by Greener Grass Design.
9. I cheated on this one a little because it actually is made of wood, but it was so different I couldn't resist! It's a pin with two backs, each attached by a little chain, on Orange Button.
10. Last but not least is this fun little handmade felt brooch made to look like a tree stump by Lupin.

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