How To Travel With Necklaces

How To Travel With Necklaces

Freshie & Zero How To Travel With Jewelry

A few weeks ago the Freshie & Zero team made their way to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Market. It was a smashing success, but more on that later! 

Since we were traveling, I thought it'd be a great idea to chat about traveling with jewelry. This can be super tricky! I'm sure you've tossed a necklace into your bag only to arrive at your destination to realize that your necklace was no longer a necklace, and that it was, well a tangled mess. 

There are a handful of clever ways to travel with your necklaces, so we wanted to share them here! 

How To Travel With Necklaces 

1. Holes in Felt - Allie Creative has come up with a super clever way to travel with necklaces! It's affordable, and a quick little DIY that you can whip up in your sleep. This tutorial is affordable and doesn't require any special tools. You'll need a piece of felt and a single hole punch. Hop on over to her blog post for a quick fix travel necklace holder! 

2. The Straw Method - Cupcakes and Cutlery rummaged through her party drawer for this travel hack! All you'll need is a plastic beverage straw ( or two ) for this necklace travel caddy. Hop on over to her blog post for a full guide on how to thread your necklaces through the straws so they stay safe and secure while you travel! 

 3. Little Plastic Bag - We here at Freshie & Zero put each piece of jewelry we send out in a very small plastic bag - usually 2" x 2". If it's a necklace, we leave the clasp just outside of the bag's seal to prevent tangling. I always have a few of these little bags on hand when I travel to put necklaces and earrings in. So if you order from our website, keep that little plastic bag handy! Pro tip: it's also great for storing jewelry so humidity doesn't speed up the tarnish.



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